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Washington Domestic Violence Penalties

A conviction for a crime of domestic violence in Washington state carries with a host of mandatory penalties as well as several discretionary and collateral sanctions as well.  There are also many indirect consequences for a DV conviction.  This section explores these penalties and consequences in some detail,  It is not, however, a substitute for a consultation with a Washington domestic violence lawyer.  Domestic violence convictions carry more sanctions that convictions of any other kind.  From the direct criminal sanctions of jail, fines and probation, to mandatory participation in domestic violence batterer's treatment, to the loss of certain civil liberties such as the possession of firearms, freedom of association, and freedom of travel to the collateral consequences of loss of jobs, possessions and damage to relationships with family and friends, there is a great deal to consider when charged with domestic violence.

This section explores both the likely as well as mandatory penalties one would face if convicted of a DV offense.  They include:

Also, even though pretrial conditions are not related to a conviction, they often seem very punitive in nature and warrant some discussion here.  The more collateral types of consequences are more of a personal nature and should be discussed with a Washington DV attorney as soon as possible. If you wish to discuss any of these DV related consequences in detail, please contact us for a full consultation.